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During our individual counseling sessions we will establish what your goals are for your counseling experience.  From there, we will discuss the best treatment approach to reaching those goals.  Although, my over arching clinical philosophy is existential in nature, often integrating a number of clinical approaches best supports my clients needs.  I am well-versed in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and often utilize ACT with my clients to support their change process.  

Ultimately, our clinical time is about working together to find the best fit for you and your needs, all of which will be openly discussed with you as we work together.  I have extensive experience treating numerous clinical concerns including anxiety, depression, grief, eating concerns, and more.  Click here to learn more about my clinical scope of practice

Additionally, I am a trained animal assisted interventionist and have found that at times having a loving canine companion in the room during our work can be the unconditional positive regard someone needs as they explore difficulties in their lives.  If having an animal (whether it be your own or one of my registered therapy partners) is something of interest, we can explore that during our initial consultation.

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